"End Of The World"
Written, recorded, performed, and produced, by Dan Houser 82.
® © 2010, DaN HouSeR 82, all rights reserved.

it happens over and over, it's all about time
there's something going on bigger than mankind

if we could only rewind, the things you would find
the answers would be clear why we're drawn to the sky

the moon and the stars, the heavens and the sun
there's a power out there that knows I'm not the only one

who feels the presence, of what we don't see
those with the intellect are shunned away with the key

with lies set in places, all throughout the ages
the answers have all been ripped from the pages

and deep within our souls, we're losing control
so many things hidden that I just can't let it go

it's bursting from streets, there's secrets underneath
puzzles with a piece, everywhere you see

it's no concern, now, throw your fear to the side
there's more to life than death whenever worlds collide

I can feel it. it's entangled in our spirit
listen to the voices, please tell me you can hear it

the genius that's divine, way beyond the human eye
you'll see it all in time, but I'm not gonna die

for this illusion in the sky, constructed by machines
step away from the screen, this is not what it seems

I will survive
this world

we don't belong

you don't have to believe, in order to be free
just have to know enough to keep your head above the sea

this flood of information, that's hidden from the nation
world manipulation, without an explanation

just a zoo, [for you] trapped under the sky
so we just live out this lie, until the day we die

but I know the truth, they took me from this place
I've risen above the others in this spiritual race

this ant farm from hell, I know I don't belong
a message from beyond is haunting this song

it swarms like bees, I kneel to my knees
while they murder each other, all around me in the streets

through the panic and chaos, all I hear is my séance
I followed all the rules. you promised you would save us

great gods from the clouds, can you hear me now?
I've watched them build the world so that you can burn it down

I've decoded all the secrets, all my life I swore to keep it
my mind untouched, in this world of shattered pieces

now free me! I know you see me!
how long must I reach to the sky screaming!?

I will survive
this world

we don't belong

I've always spoke in riddles, in school, they'd always giggle
but I've seen the future in the FIRE bodies sizzle

in the ashes. the glimpse that no one catches
thunder and flashes, death by the masses

crippling diseases, with no amounts of cash
that'll keep your remains from being mixed with the trash

a race like a child, lost searching in the wild
born into a trial, knowing only denial

don't be fooled by the others, who judge what is real
who can no longer feel, the devil made a deal

and this battle blinds us. we ignore the task
of putting back together what's been missing from the past

I see it my skull, operation shock and awe
and they'll discover it all, just in time to see it's gone

so now it's up to you, or this you can trust
there will be no more us, and you'll be blown away as dust

I will survive
this world

we don't belong