Next-Gen Console Comparison
let's cut the bullshit - no fanboys

LU:20101125 Nintendo's Wii Sony's PlayStation 3 Microsoft's Xbox 360 Desktop PC
Highest Resolution 480p 1080p 1080p Infinite
Frame Rate Very Smooth Smooth Smooth Infinite
Loading Disc Type DVD Dual Layer Blu-ray Disc DVD Dual Layer All
Disc's Capacity 8 GB (big games) 50 GB (massive games) 8 GB (big games) All
Upgradable? No Yes No Yes
Plays It's Older Games? All Previous Some Previous Some Previous All Previous
Plays DVDs? No Yes No Yes
Plays Blu-rays? No Yes No Yes
Motion Controls Perfected Needs Work Needs Work Depends
Subscription Fee? No No Yes No
Known Problems Internet Browser Sucks Internet Browser Sucks Fries Under Heavy Use Morons
Plans For Steamworks No Yes No Done
System's Target Use Families, Friends & Parties Adults & Entertainment Teenagers Everyone
Last Words Fun Slick Hype It's a PC
Score By Features 2 5 -1 9
Purple: -1 Point (only for things too shitty to ignore), Green: +1 Point (features most wanted or worth mentioning).

Correct me if I'm wrong or have anything more to compare by contacting me.

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