"667" video
Written, recorded, performed, and produced, by Dan Houser 82.
® © 2008, DaN HouSeR 82, all rights reserved.

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I won't just fucking

stand here, and let shit happen, I'm not the people you talk to
I'll wrap a bag around your fucking head, and knock your legs out from under you

now look into my eyes, as I, squeeze your neck to silence your cries
lifting you off your feet with adrenaline, disregarding your weight and size

I don't know where you're from, or what you've done to get you by
but I've seen your kind before, it's not the kind that survives

that's why I never gave a fuck, about what you whisper in the street
cause I'm underneath, I'm that beast in the sewer drain waiting to grab your feet

there's no alley that is dark enough, that you can hide from me or drive down
I'm done talking you piece of shit, your only option is to die now

you should have stayed with your headphones on, beating off, fantasizing being ruthless
cause when I got you cornered I won't hear you screaming "please don't do this"

that's why they call you a bitch, cause you live your life in a cloud of lies
and they call me the Sand Man mother fucker, cause I specialize in closing eyes

you should have backed the fuck off me, maybe looked into my history
cause I got the patience to wait, to deal you your fate, and

walk away leaving you an unsolved mystery

Feb 28, 2024: new song with music video in production.