Written, recorded, performed, and produced, by Dan Houser 82.
® © 2011, DaN HouSeR 82, all rights reserved.

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what the hell is going on
take me to the man in charge
there's your problem right there
a woman

go and eat a salad bitch
us men will handle this
nobody negotiates
with pussies

whenever there's something going on bitches just
sit back and wait 'til the problems gone but what they
don't see is being a cry baby won't save the day

everybody grab your balls
just making sure they didn't fall off
let's stand together and fight
like real men

kicking ass and taking names
making them pay for their ways
we just stare death in the face
and say fuck you

if there is anything x-men has taught me is
hippies and sissies and sheeple are feeble so
be a man only your mommy likes wiping your ass

everybody check your pants
for balls

Feb 28, 2024: new song with music video in production.