Inco Camo Sabo

Feb 21, 2023

I see World War III is trending again. Here's some information to help you get up to speed.

Section 230 is what allows social media to censor some users and boost others. Without it, they'd be forced to apply rules equally to everyone. This is why they want to keep it. To continue rigging and social engineering what reality and truth is.

Section 230 also provides legal protection for social media platforms in any damages or harm resulting from silencing voices and or doxing others. Section 230 is an important component to the New World Order elite parasites.

I'm aware Palestine Ohio is not the only chemical "accident" near farm lands and water. Food processing plants burned by the 100s for over a year without notice. This is the wrap-up going into Step 3 of the Controlled Demolition required for the NWO. Starve you out until you give in to Digital IDs and Total Control.

Train in Ohio derailed February 3, 8:55pm. Balloon over South Carolina downed February 4, 2:40pm. Some history.. "1944, Japan released Fusen Bakudan, or balloon bombs, into the Pacific jet stream. They each carried four incendiaries and one thirty-pound high-explosive bomb intended to spread panic in the US."

Remember this phrase.. "Incompetence is the camouflage of sabotage."

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