You Are Not a Victim

Mar 15, 2018

Every so often I come across someone who thinks my friendly personality is an act.

It's almost always people who are miserable, but sometimes it's people who are not just miserable, but hateful. They hate happiness wherever they see it, I guess, because they're not.

Sometimes that hatefulness turns into confrontation.

Before I explain this next part, let me say this.. 1 of the main reasons I'm always happy, is because I don't rely on circumstances. I'm smiling and fun NOT because I haven't fallen on hard times, but because I have fallen on MANY hard times and know well the difference of what a problem is, and what it isn't.

So, they don't know this. Their confusion turns into a series of petty tests, anger, and then confrontation in which I'll never back down from.

It's always the same.. they push and push until I push back, after many warnings, brush-offs, laughs, or flat out tell them they should knock it off or it's going to get ugly. Once they realize this (or I show them), they pretend to be victims! Never fails!

To sum this up.. I AM a nice guy. I respect people, their beliefs, opinions.. I listen, give advice.. there is nothing abrasive about me whatsoever if you're anything near the same.

I've said it before, but losers hate me. I'm not just saying that. People who are miserable, controlling, or threatening.. they hate me, because they can't get away with it. Then I call attention to it, like "hey watch your back with this guy" and now they've lost 2 people to prey on, and it grows and so does their anger, and so on.

Out of all the crazy stories you've heard about me.. not 1 of them started with me. The reason you've heard about it, was because it ended with me.

The truth is.. they wanted to be a bully, and I fucked them up in ways they couldn't imagine. To them I say this.. read it slowly..

You are not a victim. You're just a petty chump.. who picks fights ..and loses.

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