Cognitive Dissonance

Jan 24, 2017

I came up with a way to explain the cognitive dissonance that liberals suffer from.

Crap-logic 1: They say if you drive a big truck, you're making up for your little dick.

Crap-logic 2: They also say if you talk about your big dick, it means that it's small.

So what happens then, when someone says "hey I've got a big dick" but they drive a small car? Instant logical error!

That's where cognitive dissonance comes in. It allows them to pick and choose which is correct at that point in time, no matter what metric or reasoning is used. The exact opposite of logic! Logic which, goes by a set of rules, and does not change.

By the way the logical conclusion to this scenario is that judging the size of someone's dick without measuring it, is impossible.

Cognitive dissonance is a problem because it relies solely on that person, their beliefs, education, and many other non-logical factors that'll never lead them to a definitive answer, to anything.

Another example.. why do these idiots march for women's rights if they believe that gender is a social construct?

This endless loop of irrational thinking and behavior is most commonly known, simply, as "insanity". Cognitive dissonance is just a symptom.

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