Capitalism VS Socialism

Oct 19, 2016

William V.. you're literally homeless due to a lifetime of bad decisions. What in the fuck makes you think socialism would have in any way prevented that? I'll explain, you dense MF..

Capitalism is basically supply and demand. The more in demand something is the more it's supplied and the more money is made for the supplier. Socialism, is very different. Imagine a supplier who's come up with something great, that everyone demands, but instead of making loads of money off of it, the government asks you to share it with them and their buddies. What incentive does that supplier have to keep going?! This is why every country that has tried socialism ends up a total shithole. Unlike capitalism, in a socialist system, if something sucks ass, it doesn't matter because the end result is the same, and after time they leave. Not just the suppliers, but the workers also. You're only as rich and as poor as every other person around you, no matter how hard you work, or how smart you are, or what problems you've solved for society. In it's most simplest terms, socialism leaves no incentives. Capitalism is the polar opposite. Because, it has MANY incentives.

Do great things, or never be great. Earn money, or have none. Work for what you have, or have nothing. Those are incentives!

I just realized why you want socialism so bad.. you're fucking lazy. Back to the point..

Socialism SOUNDS nice, because it's BULLSHIT. But who can blame them for trying to sell you that fantasy? It's money in their pockets! They want it, badly. More idiots = more money.

Whenever socialism is called out on any of these points, it's said that it only failed because it wasn't implemented correctly, without corruption. Ahhah! Socialism IS corruption! That's the whole point of it, and the REAL problem is that you don't know that until it's done EXACTLY what it's meant to. Then you go "this is bullshit - get em" and they haul ass, and wait for the next time and place to start it all over again.

Also, you're anti-Trump right? You like to call him Hitler because you're a Libtard, but check this.. Guess what your boy Bernie and Hitler have in common? Both socialists! In case you didn't know, the word "Nazi" literally means "National Socialist Party" you fucking ass!

Fuck you, fuck Hitler, Obama, Hillary, Bernie, and fuck socialism.

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