Listen Up, Fat Boy

Sep 09, 2016

I really can't blame you for scoffing in the court room. Manipulation is the core of everything they do. But listen.. I was warned about them before I got involved. I was told that every one of her relationships start and end in court, plus, many other crazy things you won't believe until you're around long enough to see. Those stories though, literally saved my life. Consider this a favor, fat boy. Here's what you're in for..

Every bruise she pretends to get (special "instant" bruises) from tripping over piles of her own trash like a fucking slob (she's "so clumsey" her parents say), she'll take a picture of, and throughout your relationship, use it to manipulate others into doing fucked up shit. She'll write a story with each one, and try to extort you with it. You think the "logs" she keeps now are as sick as it gets? Just wait. These people are not human.

Update: She's never fallen down stairs OR walked into doorknobs. You think you're the only one who's ran with your pants down to hide in the bathroom on an unexpected office visit? Not me, I ain't that pressed for ass, or a bitch, but look at the location of those bruises. Every time, knees and hips, desk height. Put it together, dumbass.

Every argument will be purposely escalated to the point of ridiculousness for the simple reason of recording your perfectly rational reaction to such. It'll be used to paint a picture that you're a bad guy. Those pictures will come in handy then. Any mention of how insane she's acting on those recordings will be edited out, leaving only your reactions. It will look as if you are going crazy over nothing. Ringing bells yet? Her face never matches her "emotions" huh.

Update: Her obsession with "logging" everything stems from when Danny was a drunken wife beating, dog strangling, child abuser, and her mother blackmailed him for protection. But, like Danny's best and only friend Cum Toes Matt always says.. "people don't change". Ask yourself.. what kind of people think it's ok for a kid to go on camping trips with a stranger 20 years older than him, alone? His sister knows! Their ability to extort people relies entirely on documentation, regardless if it's real or not. Ever wonder why Nancy lost her notary license?

Every time you go to a family gathering you will notice no one really wants to talk to Danny and Nancy. There is a reason for that. They all know the scams they run because many have been victims of them. You will notice there's an extra effort made to point certain people out in the room and say very bad things about them. These are the people they have scammed, and to keep you from talking to them (and possibly discovering that), they will "prime you" on what "terrible people" they are (they're not - it's Danny and Nancy).

She will try to take something from your life. With me, it was my bank account and my dick. Both too big to ignore for any gold digging whore. She is a real-life sociopath and does not care about anyone but herself and situations that provide things that she wants. You have a kid. If anything sticks in your head, out of all the things I say, let it be this.. do not leave children or animals alone with Jen Nancy Danny Laura and especially Matt. Do not ignore this.

You will be cheated on, repeatedly, and her parents will cover for it. To them it's nothing but a selection process. It's "shopping" for targets they can bank on. It will happen every few months, for as long as you're not around to notice. They use everyone.

No matter how much you think they like you, they do not. It's a trick they pull to keep you attached to them, while keeping everyone else away. They will be actively isolating you, in every way possible. They will talk extremely bad about you and tell everyone else they don't know why she is with you, with lies you can't even imagine, from thin air. At the same time, they will hug you with tears in their eyes, and "thank god" for you being in their lives.

This one sounds insane, but there were always witnesses.. They will drug you before larger social events. During this, they will point out your "odd behavior" to others in order to discredit anything you may say later. You will not notice, except that you have an extreme headache and do not want to be there, and everyone is looking at you for some reason. They are deathly afraid of what you may say, either intentionally, or accidentally.

Update: Joey was a witness to one such occasion. I was drugged then sent out to work away from the office. I later discovered that I was having seizures right in front of him. Having called the office, after asking me to continue working and trying to convince me I was fine, I left.

Her parents have not had friends since they were teenagers. There is a bigger reason for this, but the main reason you see them pretending to have friends everywhere now, is that, they can only get so far before people recognize that they have all the mannerisms of professional con artists. They will insist people are "great friends" anyway, to keep up appearances. This is why everyone talks about how fake they are. Fakeness is their DNA.

That's it, mostly. I'll update with anything else I can think of that they repeat. Everything I said here is verifiable. Go back to any of her past "relationships" and they will tell you the same things, just as they told me. Except for the one who died from a drug overdose but, was never into drugs. That was almost me, too, and everyone knows about it.

I knew from the day I met her sick family that they were going to be a problem, but between my lawyer, the detective, and my own documentation throughout those 6.5 years.. I know everything. THAT is why they won't let me be.

"Why would they do these things?" ..the simple answer is, it's ALL they do.

They are telling the truth about 1 thing though. I'm sure it's been twisted all to hell, but.. to people like them, who try to intimidate, lie, steal, cheat, scam.. yes ..I am dangerous.

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