Levels Of Thinking

Dec 12, 2013

Anyone who knows me knows I've been studying the human mind for over 15 years now.

Here's some explanations for "Levels Of Thinking" that I've come up with. Feel free to steal this along with everything else I've posted to the net that's traveled the globe 10x without credit.

- Level 1: "Nothing lasts forever" ..which is coming to the factual realization (or as some would call it, a pessimistic view) of existence. Congratulations dipshit! You are now thinking!

- Level 2: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" ..the optimistic observation that "life goes on". Think optimism is good? Keep reading.

- Level 3 is understanding that not every new beginning ends better than the last, and that there's also the possibility of it being even worse than anything previously experienced.

I often talk about "Level 3" in my songs. The world is currently stuck on a Level 2 thought process.

This is why so many people fall for scams, liars, and cheaters. It's how Obama got to be president. It's not just because you're a fucking dumbass, but also because you've been thinking optimistically. Which is not actually a good thing. It's thinking with a tainted view. The same as pessimism! That's what my "Glass Half Empty" video was about.

So if you want to survive, you need to see and hear what there is to be seen and heard, exactly as it is. Withhold your judgments (and especially acceptance), and think it over from a distance. No tricks, no mistakes.

Over and out / suck on these nuts.

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