End Of The World

Dec 20, 2012

The anger about the end of the world debate has always made me laugh. It's simple; keep an open mind. I do hope we get into epic battles with aliens and it's interrupted by a planet slamming into us. How awesome would that be!? In the meantime, relax your hateful fear of the unknown, because you don't have the answers one way or the other. Why is that so hard to accept?

You say "but you made a song about it, dan."

Yep! I'm into it. It's been an interesting subject since I was little. Are you so simple that you can't learn about things without it taking your entire brain over? If so, is that why you're life is fucking spattered shit?!

You say "yeah, people are dumb to believe that stuff."

No. What I mean is, people who believe it are just as dumb as those who don't. It's impossible to know. Making the decision that it's true or not is just arrogance! Some things will never be known or understood. People who can't admit that to themselves are idiots.

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